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Invest in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies via Digital Coin Trade®™.
Bitcoin Investment Platform

Earn 30% per 30 working days (1 cycle), capital after 2 cycle, $50 minimum investment.

Bitcoin Binary Matrix System

Cash 300% via a 2 by 2 Cycle Out System on a onetime $50 account upgrade.

bitcoin investment platform


Fund your account by buying a cryptocurrency token use to facilitate digital currency exchange, bitcoin networking, bitcoin investment and bitcoin trading.

crypto investment platform
buy bitcoin cash


Deposits are tokenized and stored, we donot store any funds on our servers, secured pin code are required for p2p transfers, withdrawals and fund transfers.

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buy ether


(e-Currency exchanger) Buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Buy Ether, Ripple, Litecoin. Sell Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Sell Ether, Ripple, Litecoin or any supported crypto.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin

There are two ways to buy bitcoin: with a credit card or via crypto exchange.

At Digital Coin Trade®™ we offer a leveraging platform for growing your bitcoin and other crypto assets.
The platform helps digital asset investors or owners to minimize the effects of market volatility, arbitrage pricing and floating rates.
Which are always plaguing the maximum profitability and potentials of cryptocurrencies.



bitcoin investment program

Investment Trading Ecosystem

Digital Coin Trade®™ offers an investment trading ecosystem that is in synergy with the platform goals. Offering support for 2000+ cryptocurrencies, investors can easily tokenized any and make deposit or withdrawal in bitcoin, Ether, litecoin, ripple or bitcoin cash, with easy conversion to fait currency supported on the platform. All these services are synchronized in securing digital assets aimed at sustainability on all members crypto investment on the platform.

bitcoin investment program
Safe & Secure

All funds are not stored on our server, and fund transfer or withdrawal requires a secured pin.

Diversify Asset

We provide an avenue to leverage on your digital coin assets, via our investment opportunities.

Instant Exchange

Easily exchange over 30+ supported altcoins for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple & supported Crypto.

Centralized Token

Convert over 30+ altcoins via DCT token and store your crypto's value to leverage on floating rates.

Networking Growth

Grow your digital assets value faster than the market, via networking a 2 by 2 forced cycle out matrix system.

Trading Signals

Get 2000+ crypto trading pair signals and execute DCT(BTC)/USD or other crypto/BTC pairs on the platform.

crypto investment platform

Bitcoin Realtime Chart

The Bitcoin ecosystem at a glance

Join the crypto revolution! Start an investment account with a minimum deposit of $50 and choose a combination of online investment opportunities on Digital Coin Trade®™.
We see Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as an online investment opportunity.

  • Over $100 Billion Total market cap
  • $5 Billion 24-hour volume record
  • Recognized Legal currency in Japan
  • exceeding gold in value since 2014

Leverage on Volatility. Arbitrage Pricing. Floating Rate. Swap Trade.

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crypto investment platform