Bitcoin Trading Platform

bitcoin trading platform

Trade Manager Platform.

  Centralized Trading Manager

Execute Live crypto trades on multiple trading platform under one trading station, monitor and get alerts when your traded crypto prices fall or rise. With market heat map, easily compare top crypto performance in pairs with the top fait currencies.

  Custom Trading Indicators

Customizable trading indicators for easy trade analysis. Snap shot of trading graph and export of graph, social sharing, line tools etc. Get top gainers and losers and monitor your favorite crypto market.

  Manage a Crypto Portfolio

Easily organize all your crypto assets and monitor and evaluate their total price trends, with information on 24 hour volume, price index, etc in an organized portfolio.

digital coin trading platform

Core Features.


Cross trading platform, monitor 2000+ crypto live charts. Direct crypto feeds from social and news blogs. Manage top live trading platforms under one station to execute ask/bid and setup limit orders. Social trading via partner traders, profile view, and profitability analysis of traders. Fully automated cross trading technology with minimized risk.

How To Operate Trading Manager Platform.

Step 1

Open an account, login to the dashboard, visit the FUND SECTION, click on the deposit tab, input the amount you want to deposit [$50], select your preferred payment option and process your order.

Step 2

Your processed order should reflect on your CASH BALANCE WALLET, next click on the FUNDS SECTION where you will need to click on the purchase balance tab to execute a transfer to the PURCHASE BALANCE WALLET.

Step 3

From the purchase balance tab, you can do a transfer of funds from cash balance wallet to the purchase balance wallet, this is the only process you can also have 30% of your bonus funds released to the purchase balance wallet, every time a purchase is made till you transferred 90% of your bonus.

Step 4

After the funds has been transferred to the purchase balance wallet you will need to use this funds to make purchase of the Digital Coin into the DIGITAL COIN WALLET via the buy coin tab under COINS SECTION. You will need a minimum of $50 worth of Digital Coin in the wallet to access the cross trading platform features. To get access to the trading bot and other features, you are required to deposit the amount required for their access activation.

Step 5

When you have made your purchase of Digital Coin, simply visit the Trading tab on the COINS SECTION and follow the on screen messages on the trading platform, to set up your dashboard and begin your live trading with digital assets.

Leverage on Volatility. Arbitrage Pricing. Floating Rate. Swap Trade.

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