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The Executive Associate services.
Location: Global Business: DCT®™ Executive Officer

The partnership program is built for entrepreneurs that enjoy building a team of network marketers and cashing out from the system with ease via our 2 by 2 binary forced matrix cycle out system on the platform, all it takes is a single $50 investment membership and you start building a successful network of 6 team cash out system of 300% ROI every time you complete the cycle. The EA status position is limited and participants are welcome to become a partner if they can meet our DCT®™ goals by simply registering on the DCT®™ Executive partner form. Note:Not everyone are selected for EA status, we will only get back to you if you qualify.

What we offer

  • Get an Identity EA Badge 🏆 check out our commission payouts.
  • With this badge you automatically get to have unlimited recycling of the binary matrix system, meaning you don't have to upgrade anytime you cycle out to cash out (We will upgrade you freely when we treat your withdrawal request).
  • Partners are required to signup for the DCT®™ bounty program, where you will be exclusively notified of bounty rewards for exclusive task, a successful completion of task amounts to bountiful rewards.
  • Partners are recognized DCT®™ community builders and can execute seminars and workshops using our brand and logo but will do so via written approval.

What Partner offer

  • Partners are in charge of the community growth of the system (if they have their own existing community that's a plus).
  • Partners are given priority in resolving ticket queries or issues regarding them or on behalf of their downlines.
  • Partners are executive representatives of the DCT®™ community and are exclusively offered competitive bounty reward driven tasks (directives) to execute.
  • Partners with experience in team building (networking), trading (Crypto or FOREX) and marketing (Online and offline) with other growth hacking skills are mostly required.

Interested and eligible entrepreneurs are required to fill the partnership form.

Community Manager Representative
Location: Online Department: Community Growth

All DCT®™ Partners are also assigned as community managers online, they can be designated PAGE MODERATOR roles and Group Coordniators, whose the main purpose is to moderate and answer queries from users, there can be several regional pages and communities setup for individual EAs.

Activated Partners will also enjoy a monthly bounty task, each designated with the coordinative role of the DCT®™ bounty task in their area. With the sole purpose of growing the community and awarness altogether.


The Digital Coin Trade®™ partners are Executive-authorized 3rd Parties, providing online and offline coordination marketing services in local areas.
We do not endorse or guarantee members business practises, and each individual are registered under the jurisdiction of each members region and country, meaning they are independent and are no way affiliated with Digital Coin Trade®™
You should take up the responsibility of dealing with any of the authorized partners by being diligent with your dealings.

Furthermore,if you have any complain about a partner conduct, please send an email with detailed proof via our ticketing system, if found guilty such EA partner will be disqualified from the status.

Partnership Form

Please note not everyone will be accepted, if you are not contacted back within 3 weeks then you have not been approved.

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