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Over The Counter (OTC) services.
Location: Global Business: DCT®™ Executive Officer

The partnership program is built for entrepreneurs to start crypto business with ease via offering our trading manager platform as user's account manager. Participants are welcome to become a partner if they can offer an over the counter exchange service for DCT®™ users by buying users token at the platform sell rate and utilize the token to fund their trading manager DCT®™ CoiN.

What we offer

  • Cross platform trading management tool.
  • Fully automated copy trading system, augmented profit sharing formula between parties.
  • Partner's Deposit account will be deactivated and expected to purchase DCT®™ token from users at buy rates.
  • Partners profit from buy and sell of DCT®™ token.
  • Partners handles all DCT®™ platform Fait transactions, both deposit and withdrawal via online or OTC using the platform buy and sell rates.
  • Partners profit from managing their account copy trade strategies to end users.

What Partner offer

  • Partners must make an unrefundable deposit fee of $500 for application.
  • Partners are recognized vendors that purchase DCT®™ token from end users to fund their trading DCT®™ token wallet.
  • Partners are executive representatives of the DCT®™ community.
  • Partners must have experience in trading and must proof this with a demo trading and an online test/exam.
  • Partner's that score below pass mark and fail to meet up with thier stated trading profit will be declined.

Interested and eligible entrepreneurs are required to fill the partnership form.

Community Manager Representative
Location: Online Department: Community Growth

All DCT®™ Partners are also assigned as community managers online, they can be designated PAGE MODERATOR roles and Group Coordniators with the main purpose to moderate and answer queries from their users on a single page or platform rather than have several regional pages and communities.

Activated Partners will also be added to our team on the community page and platforms, each designated with the representation role of the DCT®™ project in their area. With sole purpose to grow the community and awarness altogether.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The Digital Coin Trade®™ partners are Executive-authorized 3rd Parties, providing online and offline withdrawal and deposit services in local areas.
We donot endorse or guarantee members business practises, and each individual are registered under the jurisdiction of each members, meaning they are independent and are no way affiliated with Digital Coin Trade®™
You should take up the responsibility of dealing with any of the authorized partners by being diligent with your dealings.

Furthermore,if you have any complain about a partner conduct, please send an email with detailed proof via our ticketing system.

Partnership Form

Please note you will be required to make a non refundable $500 (BTC) payment if approved.

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