Who We Are

Digital Coin Trade®™ has been in existence since 2017, providing service with its prototype MVP (Minimal Viable Product) platform, within this period we have seen new projects come and go, some failed based on their business model with zero real world applications for their products.
Most successful block chain projects are successful today because they have something to offer outside their eco-system, this is what our project is based on, provide solutions with DCT token.

“Our mission is to provide a decentralize application that offer automated crypto investments for both newbies and pro's, that protect investors’ digital asset values, while we envision to be the world's trusted digital asset management app that aids in the blockchain adoption and easy liquidation of cryptocurrency”.



Our Special Features

Crypto Stake

Better staking opportunity with a higher annual profit per year


It is the fastest way to easily grow crypto value via referral


Providing a trust free custodial for safer and instant exchange

Crypto Loan

Creating an escrow system and matching order for quicker loan

Crypto CashBack

A growth hack system for creating customers retention


Creating an ecosystem that provide value for token use


Frequently Asked Questions

What are DCT Tokens?

DCT Tokens are BEP20 compliance that serve as an utility token for a DeFi Dapp SAAS, one of the purpose of the token is for staking but with a paradigm shift to leverage the value of crypto via stable coins like BUSD, to encourage crypto investments.

How do we liquidate?

There are three options provided on the system for Token liquidation, You can liquidate via swapping DCT for BNB, you can liquidate via peering your DCT Token with Fait on the P2P escrow system, or via an enlisted exchange (coming soon) where you trade.

What fees are charged?

For both investment and networking system we do have an account maintainance fee of 5% which is always kept in the account and charge zero fees for DCT token withdrawals, while both crypto loan and peer-to-peer system transactional fees are charged 1%.

What are real life application?

There are four major real life application for the DCT Token, users can use the system as an escrow platform for P2P deals, users can use the platform for loan facilitation, to safe guard their crypto value investments and lastly for business retention.


Real World Applications

DCT Tokens are Made With Just For You.