Crypto Cashback


Spend less on customer retention

Do you know you spend less in retaining customers than acquiring customers?

  • Use the gift card cashback system to grow your sales.
  • The cashback gift card can be used to retain customers.
  • Improve customer loyalty with a crypto cashback system.
  • Offering cashback gives higher conversion than discount.

How To Execute Cashback e-Giftcards.


Step 1

Connect to app wallets for crypto or fait and purchase token, after which you head to the cashback section on the dashboard navigation and follow the prompts on the screen.


Step 2

Next enter the amount of DCT Token you want in USD, then a QR-Code will be generated that contains this value, the suggested % is 20 per cent of the product price on the QR-Code.


Step 3

After the QR-Code has been generated and encrypted with the Token USD value it is printed and send to designated customer product purchase with ID Number to avoid reuse of gift card.


Step 4

Giftcards cashback have expired duration and serve as warranty for customers to repeat orders, QR-CODE are used to scan the Token value into customer account and redeem by depositing x2.


Real World Applications

DCT Tokens are Made With Just For You.