Crypto Investment


Core Features

  • Crypto Leveraging

    Investments are done similar to staking but utilize swap trade and currency swap

  • Currency Swap Trade

    Investments are made via DCT Tokens in stable coins and withdrawn in DCT Tokens

  • Compounding Profit

    Investments based on longer staks can be compounded for 50% Annual Profit Yearly


How To Execute Crypto Investment.


Step 1

Swap BNB for DCT Token or make a deposit on the platform for DCT Token and enter an amount in stable coin pegged to USD to invest for any cycle duration, you can compound upto 100%.


Step 2

Then checkout from the investment page to view your order prior finalizing the investment for DCT TOKEN equivalent (USD) deduction from your wallet to start processing your investment.


Step 3

After cycle completion (a quarter of the year is 10% profit value), depending on your compounding percentage, your dividends will be returned to your wallets for withdrawal processing.


Step 4

During withdrawals of dividends, user can withdraw to their connected wallet on the platform or do a peer-to-peer for crypto to fait payment, a 5% is kept for wallet maintenance fee.


Real World Applications

DCT Tokens are Made With Just For You.