Crypto Loan


Core Service Features

We have found the integration of an escrow system synchronize with the decentralized exchange helps improve crypto loan integrity.

  • Automated order matching for peering borrower to lender.
  • No documents needed only crypto investment for collateral.
  • Zero tolerance for fraudulent peer to peer orders.
  • Efficient resolution center for order dispute support.

Borrow money when need arises backed in cryptocurrency.

Tokenized Crypto Loan Platform.



How To Borrow Money Via Crypto Loan.


Step 1

You must have an existing qualified crypto investment, next you head to the Crypto loan section on the dashboard navigation, select lend/borrow and follow the prompts on the screen.


Step 2

Next enter the amount of funds you want to borrow or lend, for borrow you will be required to provide your direct bank details, while for lend you are required to fund your fait wallet.


Step 3

After the system has automated the process of matching orders of borrower and lender, the borrower will be required to temproary transfer their eligible crypto investment to the lender.


Step 4

After transfer has been made the borrower can now conclude the loan process by authorizing the transaction and they recieve said amount, while lender earns dividends on the crypto investment.


Real World Applications

DCT Tokens are Made With Just For You.