e-Currency Exchange

Tokenized Crypto Exchange Platform.

Buy and Sell Crypto Currencies With Local Currencies.

crypto currency exchange platform

Instant Crypto to Crypto

  Crypto Currency Swap

Exchange one crypto currency for another via secured tokenization mechanism on crypto currency swap trade.

  Crypto Leveraging

Secure the value of one down trend crypto for another up trend crypto via token deposit and withdrawal.

Core Features.


Trade securely via tokenization of supported crypto currencies to single token. Instant crypto to crypto exchange for supported digital currencies. Easy crypto liquidation to supported fait currencies.
Please note: Fait takes 3 Business Days for completion and remittance, there are deposit and withdrawal order limits to align our service availability and in accordance to the KYC & AML policies.

Crypto To Fait (Vice-Versa)

  Credit Card Payment

Make convenient purchase of DCT tokens via credit cards and exchange token for supported crypto currencies.

  Crypto Fait Conversion

Opening partnerships globally to facilitate over the counter and easy access to crypto to local fait conversions.

digital coin trading platform

Crypto Currency Converter

Convert 2000+ Crypto Currencies and 100+ Faits.

1 BTC in USD = 27,806.69

Created for DCT®™

How To Execute e-Currency Exchange.

Step 1

First thing first, you select the CRYPTOCURRENCY, you desire to exchange from the drop down, next you input the amount of cryptocurrency you own.

Step 2

On the recieved input, you select from a drop down the CTYPTOCURRENCY You want to convert to, and the application will autocalculate the crypto currency equivalent. CLICK CONTINUE button, for the next step.

Step 3

Enter the neccessary details WALLET ADDRESS, and if required DESTINATION TAG, after which you click on EXCHANGE button, to see the next page with your ORDER ID, keep this ID and follow the instructions on the page.

Step 4

As soon as the RECIEVING ADDRESS on the page gets your crypto transfer, it takes about 10 to 20 minutes for you to recive yours, depending on the traffic on the block.

Step 5

While you wait for your exchange cryptocurrency to be deposited into your address, you can use the CRYPTO CALCULATOR tab to calculate the amount and fait conversion rates.
We will also encourage you to use BLOCK EXPLORER to confirm transaction is being processed, if any issue arise, do not hesitate to contact us with all the neccessary informations boldy highlighted.

Leverage on Volatility. Arbitrage Pricing. Floating Rate. Swap Trade.

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