Peer to Peer Exchange


Core Service Features

We have found the integration of an escrow system synchronize with the decentralized exchange helps improve P2P order authenticity.

  • Automated order matching for peering buyer to seller.
  • No more impact of arbitrage pricing in peering orders.
  • Zero tolerance for fraudulent peer to peer orders.
  • Efficient resolution center for order dispute support.

Buy and Sell Crypto Currencies With Local Currencies.

Tokenized Crypto Exchange Platform.



How To Execute e-Currency Exchange.


Step 1

Connect to app wallets for crypto or fait and purchase token, after which you head to the Buy coin section on the dashboard navigation, select buy/sell and follow the prompts on the screen.


Step 2

Next enter the amount of crypto you want to buy or sell, for sell you will be required to provide your direct bank details, while for buy you are required to provide the coin address.


Step 3

After the system has automated the process of matched orders of buy and sell, the buyer will be prompted with auhtorizing the order with a 1% DCT Token charge to automate the order.


Step 4

After payment has been made the system will release the crypto in the escrow custody to the buyer and automate the transfer of the funds to seller's account details instant processing.


Real World Applications

DCT Tokens are Made With Just For You.